Books & Authors of Influence

Do you remember approximately when your direction changed and who were the influencers in your life at the time? I recall my influence and change in direction came from reading certain books by certain authors, and it all began way back in … 1980! I list just a few of these people and books. What about you?… Read More

Music - An Outburst of the Soul - Aug 9, 2014

Sound, music and you; interesting topic. Music can be relaxing or it can energize you; can make you “feel” happy or sad. Can it be harmful? Did you know that our voice, our breathing, our heart rate and our digestion are affected by our ears?… Read More

Pink Colour

According to a test, my “true” aura colour is PINK. It is said to be, “one of the coolest auras out there,” and I am “very lucky.” The test I took determined my life purpose is to, “Spread joy to people’s hearts.” What’s your aura colour?… Read More

NB Laws re Sale of Beer

I live in New Brunswick (Canada), moving here a couple of years ago. I am originally from “down east” as we say, so I’m not unfamiliar with the challenges of living in the Atlantic Provinces. When something so stupid as the NB Liquor Board’s microbrewery law is put into place, I really have to question the sanity of the law makers! Most of the men have gone out to Alberta because no work, and here the stupid government pulls this and someone who could make a living and employ others, is pretty much shut down?! Insane or what!!… Read More