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Month: August 2017

Tips to wash the dishes faster

Tips to wash the dishes faster

Fill the sink or a basin with lukewarm water and add detergent so that it has a very thick layer of soap. Start your dishes with those who are less dirty. Preferably start with the glasses, then the cutlery then the plates depending on the size. If the water gets a bit too greasy or gets too cold, change it. Above all, handle the kitchen knives carefully, keep them by the handle and do not stack them in the bowl. Proceed one at a time.

In addition, washing dishes by hand is done in several ways. It is possible to remove the soapy layer and wipe it with a sponge or cloth, just as it is possible to leave the dishes under the soap so that the dirt is removed. It is also possible to stack the dishes in the basin or sink or lift them one by one leaving the rest on the counter. It all depends on how you can do it as quickly and efficiently as possible.


To ensure that the dishes dries fast, ensure that the rinse water is warm. Then place the dishes in the drainer and pour the hot water over it until it is completely soaked in the basin or rinse sink. Let cool a little and then rinse inside glasses, cups, bowls, plates. Make sure that you have a powerful faucet for this. You can see some good ones here.


It is possible to let the dishes dry in the open air just as it is possible to wipe it off using a clean towel. In the case of clean towel, start with the glassware then after the cutlery and so on. To do this, rub the glassware with a clean cloth; Preferably a soft, lint-free cloth. Do the same for the cutlery. As for pots, pans and the rest, it is better to use paper towels because on the cloth, they may leave traces of color or grease.