, the evolving spiritual being on a human journey.  I can tell you a bit about my history and about me at this moment in linear time, but if you want to continue knowing about me, you’ll need to check in on occasion, for I am an evolving human; progressing along this human journey etched out for me by my loving Father and Creator.

Historical Me:  I was assigned to be born of Mary and Joseph. How neat is that? I embrance the blessing coincidence of having parents with the same names as Yahshua’s earthly parents! Add to that my family name of Samson, one would think there would be no stopping me, and I am here to tell you that despite the self-denial journey of this human, there is no stopping me! My mother had the same family name before she married my father; double insurance that I would grow up in and with the strength of that Biblical character Samson.

I was blessed with a large family; six brothers and one sister.  This was, then, a typical Irish Catholic family because my parents’ generation were part of the church’s preaching against birth control.  

I grew up, got married, got divorced and received two blessings from that marriage, my two beautiful daughters.  They are now married and I have three grandchildren at the time of this writing.  I ended up working in the legal profession for most of my life; it wasn’t who I was, but what I did.  I am now pursuing the love of my life; the great passion planted in the soil of my heart by Creator – healing therapies expressed through my hands in energy therapies and, of course, writing!

Today Me:  Currently travelling along the spiritual path of enlightenment, realizing the meaning and Truth of what Yahshua was revealing to us during his very short journey, I am studying all I can, reading and discarding what I do not need or understand at this time.  I am a licensed Reiki Master and Level 3 Therapeutic Touch therapist, currently working on final stages of licensing to enable me to teach that healing modality. 

All of these things that I am doing are being used to bring to light to life. Now is the time for coming together with many other spiritual souls discovering their true identify; a time when much light is being cast forth upon a world that has lived in darkness too many years.

About This Site:  If you care to check in on occasion, both you and I will find out what this site is about.  I only know that I have a passion for writing and photography that are healing and life-giving tools; a passion for people and a gift that comes wrapped in love; a gift of being an encourager of others, reinforcing them to believe in themselves and “go for the gold” as it were. 

What will evolve with the passage of time on this site is as good a guess to you as it is to me. I can tell you that my thoughts and interests are eclectic and often surreal, sort of a wandering gypsy minstral kind of thing; they flit about, easily bored, always seeking; taking up one cause and then another; moving quickly about, picking up the next banner to be expressed or investigated or learned.  I’ve often thought there was something wrong; that I couldn’t “settle” into one interest, one job, one career, one lifestyle. 
A truth about me is I am never boring and most definitely not predictable.  Heck, I don’t even know of self what’s going to unfold next in my life which makes for a most interesting life, to say the least. A silent prayer is that on the day when this physical body has served its purpose, it will never be said of me that I didn’t live my life fully!


Often times describing myself as a fish out of water, in August 2010 I saw something that caused me to think that this description might be more accurate than even I know!  On a holiday trip to Bar Harbour, Maine, I visited a museum and one of the amazing things I saw was a reconstructed 49 million year old whale, no bigger than today’s dolphins, with two fins, one of which ended in finger shaped phalanges!
It looked like the fingers on my own hand! Could it be that this description I’d applied to self in an haphazard way might not be such a far stretch?  After all, I’ve always had this thing about Atlantis; this thing aboutmermaids…are there latent memories within me rising to the surface into my conscious mind? I do not dismiss this as a very real possibility and time will tell.


Things I did, said and thought twenty or so years ago were often times “unusual” to say the least; certainly not the norm or how society or the majority would have said, done or thought. But…ah ha!  Wait a moment!  They’re doing it now….so, I guess the point that is being made, the message my Spirit is trying to get across to me, is that perhaps I have always been ahead of the times; have tasted and seen and experienced well in advance what ultimately would unfold and be experienced by society or the majority, and thus become labelled the norm and acceptable thing to think, do or say!  Well, that’s one thing that’s always been true of me and will likely be to my last breath as a human – I’ve never been one of the crowd, never felt the need to be one of the crowd.


Drop by any time and if so inclined send me a message to let me know you’ve visited.  If you have received a seed from this site – then I give thanks to He who provided and planted it.  May it continue to grow and nourish you!
Like the Lotus flower or the Rose, I am about what is within and what is evolving from moment to moment. It’s a wonderful, marvellous revelation to see that all that I AM is there, inside me; that I don’t need to construct, cultivate, grow or add anything. It is already whole and waiting for me to uncover it.
This site will be About sharing these pebbles of wisdom as they flourish and come to life.  That about says it all.


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