I read a great article, and highly recommend it to any and everyone.  It’s interesting to read the blog responses by various people.  The article is by Jeannie Page and you can read it at this URL.

You can definitely and easily identify those who are still very much in and a part of and ruled by the things of the world; that is, people who are truly operational and operating by the five senses.

When I re-read that story that triggered the writer to write the article, the one about Chicken Little and the Sky Is Falling, it immediately had me think of my recent foray into a plethora of sky shots.  I am an avid photography (anything and everything) and lately my eyes have been raised towards the sky; the sun, moon, and unusually focused on the clouds – their formation, colours etc.

Today as I walked home from the subway, I glanced up the street, and it seemed to me that indeed the sky was falling.  The clouds have seemed much closer to me, whether at street level or high up on my penthouse balcony.  I had commented to a brother that I have photographs of clouds that I can only recall taking before from an airplane; they are that close and that fluffy.  Anyone who has flown will know what I am speaking about.  Here are a couple, just to give you an idea.

But, to the point.  Is it that the sky is falling, or that we are rising?  Rising to a higher level, higher consciousness.  The article was triggered by the writer as a result of the debt disaster in the United States…how sad; no longer arrogantly #1 at the top of the financial ladder.

Could it be that we are rising; not that the sky is falling?  We are being forced to look upwards towards more unseen, spiritual things?  Certainly that has been my journey, increasing in intensity and I am grateful for having taken this path – not by choice but as a result of the choices made to that point.  It was natural and I see it as a blessing now, especially with so many people freaking out over the potential loss of material stuff.  For many, sadly, when the red carpet gets pulled out from beneath their feet, the sky might as well have fallen, for they will indeed be crushed.

But, can we look at this as a blessing; try and see a message in this time of great wealth being ripped away from us North Americans?  In a conversation today about all of this to someone who isn’t particularly spiritual, what I said (without thought) was that those of us who have had so much for so long will suffer greatly; and even more so if we`ve not begun the shedding journey.  And, those who have struggled and done without for a long time, some most of their lives, well, they will become our teachers on how to live, how to survive and in many cases, hopefully, be grateful for what we do have.

The sky might be falling, the road might be rising up – but try and see the positivity in all of this.  What can you get along without; how much of that stuff that you`ve accumulated over the years has added anything to your contentment and any type of happiness?


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