Okay, so it’s pretty pathetic when your life jumps for joy because you can write on your blog site again…but I am truly, truly happy and I am so grateful to my web site host provider, Host Papa, as well as to a great guy who had written an article on the issue I was having with Word Press, and whom I contacted out of desperation and begged him to help me.  No strings attached, not looking for a darn thing even though I told both him and Host Papa I’d pay them anything to get me up and running…so kuddos to:

Keith D’Souza at Techie Buzz - the WordPress guy, as I like to refer to him; and

HostPapa – including Yves who took my distress call(s) and got the ball rolling for me!

If you want a great host – I recommend HostPapa.  They’re Canadian ‘eh and I’ve been with them since I started this and my main site…and let me tell you, they’ve been gems and saved my neck a few times.  Their prices are more than competitive, and like I said, they’re Canadian ‘eh…just down the road from me here in Toronto – okay, a little further; they were based in Oakville when I signed up with them and I think they’re still there.

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