I am a photographer.  No one who knows me will dispute that fact.  That’s just the way it is.  It’s not the totality of who I am. It is just one of the things in my life that is a driving passion.  I have had a camera in my hand since about age 4.  That, my friends, means I have had a camera in my hands and been taking pictures “for at least a dozen years.”  Come on, smile; give me license to …. imagine!

I never cease to be amazed when I download the images from my camera to the computer, to find something in those images that I did not see when I was taking the picture.  It could be something that is easily definable such as an extra person in the shot whom I had not noticed, or something indefinable such as an outline of light or energy that just shows up.

Heck, even without the camera lens, I have been seeing dancing lights before my eyes for a lot of years; even had the medical folks investigate me thinking it was some medical ailment that needed fixing.  Well, of course nothing was found.  I just have this multitude of lights, like tiny little fairies, that put on a show for me, when I focus on what is before me.  Sorry, I am meandering. Back to the photography and the camera and what is seen and unseen when taking a picture, but shows up once uploaded to the computer.

It got me to thinking that perhaps I need to look at my life – not your life or anyone else’s, but my life – as though through the lens of a camera.  When I close my eyes in meditation it could be likened to the process of uploading pictures previously taken with the human eye.  Now they are uploaded and in closing my eyes I am able to see things that I did not see before; just like my photography.  Sounds reasonable.

Meditation gives me the opportunity to examine the photographs that my human eyes took and uploaded to my human computer.  I am given the opportunity to examine those images, just like in photography.  I might find that something requires further examination or some touch-up work is required via the software of my heart or my mind.  Maybe the lighting is somewhat off and there’s a shadow hiding something and it needs more of a backdrop, a fixing of the lighting. If so, then the spotlight of the Spirit turns on the lights so I can see more clearly.

Yes, Watson…I do believe we have something here!  Meditation is like photography where I get to go into the darkroom and do some “fixin’ up”.

Happy Meditating!!  See what you will see.

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