This poem arose in the summer of 2007, several months after my father’s passing.  Today is the 3 year anniversary of his passing, and I am feeling the sorrow and think I’ll go put on those pyjamas so I can feel his embrace.


The Pajamas

Thought about you today,
You’ve been gone for an eternity    Or so it seems.

I went to the cupboard and opened the door,
Taking out the old faded plaid pajamas I tucked away before.

It’s the middle of the day, it doesn’t matter,
I slip into them slowly, feeling like my heart could shatter.
How thin you were, I didn’t see
When I spent your last Christmas with you, just you and me!

I didn’t notice either when I wore them around your house,
Packing up your life, your memories…
Shedding those funny pajamas as I walked out
Closing the door for that final time.

But now as I rub my hand across the sleeve,
Gently touching each crease
Created by time, warn for warmth,
There’s a comfort that seems to breathe
Love from you to me.

I miss you so much, today is one of those

[March 14th, 2010 - Today is one of those....]

When I just want to be near you
So my tear filled eyes I close
And say hi, Dad, I miss you so.

Who would have thought,
A pair of faded and thinning pajamas
Could evoke such emotion, cause one to cry,
Through sorrow filled heart and tear filled eye.

With a reluctance like not wanting
To say good-bye to an old friend,
I’ve shed those faded pajamas
And tucked them away again.

Until the next time when I need to feel you near;
No, Pops, I say, I won’t continue to tear,
I’ve let you go but don’t you know
How very, very much I miss you; how I love you so.

©  Shammah
August 19, 2007

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