I was privileged and blessed to be able to study for and obtain my Reiki Masters.  Although I’ve not participated in any classes, I’ve also had the blessed opportunity to use that gift to assist others in restoration.  While studying and actively involved with others who were like-minded, I thought “Yes, this is what we are all about.  Reaching out, touching and healing one another.”

I so easily forget these things, getting caught up in the corporate world where I spend so much of my waking time.  To make it worse it is an environment about, ruled by and engulfed in the “god” of this world called “money.”

I came across a referral to this video, and probably as much for myself as for anyone who may drop in, I needed the reminder of the purity and goodness and healing energy that I AM.

Just as YHWH is I AM, so we too are a part of Him and so AM I.

Shalom, be at peace.

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