Change is in the air; can feel it in all areas of my own personal life and so many others are going through this shifting change. It is a time of great transformation or transifiguration of the human race…an exciting time that I pray I am alive and fully conscious to experience in all of its wonder. Just read this and I hope you will be excited, and if you are fearful, then ask yourself, “Why?”… Read More

In reading a section of the book “Edgar Cayce on Atlantis” I pondered the question, “Is history repeating itself.” I’ve set out the five points raised, food for thought. I concluded that it is indeed repeating itself, and we all know the end results for Atlantis.… Read More

Chakras Multiple

The 3 additional chakras related to the 3 ‘uncovered’ planets of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. Damn, this isn’t new – they’ve been around for several hundred years, so why aren’t those modalities dealing with the chakras teaching on the 10 chakras instead of continuing to restrict to the 7 chakras?… Read More

Have you ever put any thought into the why of when and where you were born? Today I did a search of my birth date for people, but instead came up with some interesting events – one of which caught my eye…about a major quake in South America; caught my eye because of the spirits return to SA at this time…coincidence? When my mother gave birth to me, Mother Earth was giving birth to ???? in SA.… Read More