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My Favorite Yoga Accessories

My Favorite Yoga Accessories

Yoga is my favorite ways of reducing stress. I love everything to do with yoga but some accessories are better than others.  I’ll go over just a few of the best ones today that I like to use.

Mala Beads

Malas are a necessary accessory in any yoga arsenal.  For those that don’t know what they are, they are beads that help you to meditate and really get into the state of enlightenment.  Not only are they a fashion statement, they are also very useful for having a good yoga experience.  You can buy them wholesale at online stores like this one. They also have a good facebook page.


Yoga Pants

This article wouldn’t be complete without yoga pants.  They are very important as they allow you to be completely flexible and do all the right moves very easily.  A quick tip would be to choose a pair of yoga pants other than spandex.  Almost everyone that you see will be sporting a pair of spandex pants.  Try the Thai elephant pants or more of a sports type of clothing, you won’t regret it.

Meditation Chairs

Although these can be expensive they are still another must-have accessory for all yoga enthusiasts.  Let’s face it yoga is tiring and sometimes after a long day you just want to relax.  A chair is perfect for this.


Mat Cleaning Spray

One of the drawbacks of yoga is that your mat will inevitably get dirty at some point.  Don’t worry though it’s an easy fix.  Just get some mat spray like the Manduka brand and your mat will be fresh and clean for years to come.  I’ve personally had a mat for well over 5 years!