Words Words WordsI call have named this blog The Power of Words because that is a core belief I hold. I first came to that belief, and it hasn’t changed since that settled in my soul, when I began my trip down “bible lane.”  I am speaking about my first venture into what we call “bible study.”  Always a late bloomer, true to form, my first bible study started around my 40th birthday.  Up to that point in time, although brought up in a family with a bible, I continued in that religion that taught me what the bible said; never suggested we read or study for ourselves.

My Point: It was when I read that “YHWH spoke……” that I began to believe that a single word held power.  But even more so than that, those words were first “formed” inside and then spoken “outside”; our thoughts hold equal power.

I believe a word can give life or it can destroy.  Think about it.  Think about our careless words spoken to our infant children. I’d like to share a funny story with you that gets the point across and hopefully will get you thinking about what you are saying to your young children or around them.

When my daughter was about 2 she was trying to say something to me.  She was sitting in her “high chair” eating something and at the same time trying to tell me something.  I’d go to leave her and she’d attempt to tell me something.  This happened a couple of times until finally I said to her, “Darling, just spit it out.”

Well, she did just that – she spit the food out of her mouth! Our children take our words at face value.

I think about my own child hood and I recall words as clearly as if they were spoken yesterday.  Sorry to say, these were negative words and I have no doubt they have negatively impacted my life and my development; my perception of me and my ability.

Words have life and they can grow fruitful trees or plant ugly weeds in the garden of  the soil of your heart.  Those ugly weeds, unless dug out at the root, will raise their ugly head again and again to confront you, to stop you dead in your tracks; you know those moments when you are thinking to yourself, “Damn it, I can do this.”  And then the words, something like (and you may have even said this to yourself without thinking), “Who do you think you are?” or, “How stupid can you be?”

We are so careless with our words, and speaking personally even more careless with our thoughts; the thoughts that ultimately may or may not form words, but they sure can deter you and send you off course.  They are seeds in the soil of your heart, waiting to  be watered and nourished and to blossom.  What kind of a word garden do you want?  Do you want an abundant, bright, blossoming and flowing word garden, or do you want a choking garden full of weeds, that strangle the life right out of you?

Words Are Powerful –  What we must all remember that before we speak or write a word, we have “thought” it.  Believe it! The very thoughts, even if not transmitted are “words” and they hold equal energy, and will produce good or bad, positive or negative.

Once uttered into the atmosphere they blend in with the energy that is the atmosphere, that is you and I and all life form.  Is the atmosphere where you live, where you sit, where you walk or just are, is it bright, light and airy, or is it dark, dank and gloomy?

Our words contribute to everything – be it good or bad, they add.  As for me, I don’t want to be a contributor to anything that is not life giving and empowering; for me, you and this wonderful universe we’ve been blessed to be a part of…at such a time.  Perhaps we can start healing it as well by healthy, healing words and thoughts.  After all, what is prayer but thoughts formed into words; conversations with the universe, the creator of the universe?

A closing word – speak kindly and gently to and about yourself.  Reconfirm your beauty, your love and your pure essence of all that is kind.  Speak good things to you and everything.  Contribute to life.

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