Well-Trained Dogs

Well-Trained Dogs

To promote learning, it is important to socialize your dog as much as possible. He must meet the maximum of people, other animals, various situations, noises and different objects. Your dog must be confronted as much as possible with intriguing, agitating or even threatening situations to gradually learn how to behave.

It is important that your dog learns good manners very early. He must not jump on visitors, monopolize the couch, bark constantly or make holes in the garden.

In short, your dog must be well-trained. It is easier to make him take good habits than to make him lose bad habits.

Good Manners:

Your dog should not jump on you or on visitors to say hello. The reception must be done in calm. It can be fun with a puppy, but it is much less fun with an adult dog, especially when the ground is wet or if your guests are afraid of dogs.

How to walk on foot

Your dog must know how to walk on foot so that walks are not a continuous fight. For him, walking on foot is both a physical exercise and a mental exercise.

Learn basic orders

Obvious your dog knows the basic commands such as ” sit, silence, sleep, come, not move”. These orders must be perfectly acquired to go further. If your dog does not control them, he will be unable to have good manners at home or outside his territory.

Learn to play

The play is essential for the physical and mental well-being of your dog. Learning to play is also learning to behave properly in society. He must not become over-excited and must know how to interrupt the game at your request.

Learn to get off the couch

Your dog must have his own space and it is inconceivable that he appropriates the sofas or armchairs. He must learn how to get off the couch on your order. He must understand that certain places are forbidden to him.

The learning of good manners is continuous and must be considered in the long term, with daily work. To teach him good manners, you have to start as soon as possible. Upon arrival at home, learning can begin.

Practice only positive methods, positive reinforcement. For that, do not punish bad behavior, but rather reward your dog every time he reacts in the right way.

It is not forbidden to tell him that his behavior is not suitable: just say no, but without punishing.

You love your dog very much, but for life to not get too complicated, he must learn good manners as soon as possible. Knowing how to behave properly in society will make him happy and you will be proud of your dog.